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We love every minute of our journey

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Airport Transport

You want the Royal treatment when you arrive at the airport! Book our Airport Car Service. Our Colt Transport Specialists can stand up at the gate to welcome you warmly, receive you friendly, carry your luggage with care and drive you to your destinations safely.

Flying from the airport! You don't want to take the chance of showing up late for your flight. Our Colt Transport Specialists are very punctual; they show up on time to pick you up, drive you safely, and drop you off at the airport.


It's your day! Never compromise on that special day which comes once in lifetime! Hire Colt Black Car Service, who can leave a very pleasant and memorable experience for you, your partner, your family and all your special guests.

Ride & Arrive in style with Colt Black Car wedding service. A Colt Transport Specialist will ensure that you indeed arrive feeling like royalty. Once in a lifetime moments deserve special luxurious touches. Colt Transport Specialists dressed in appropriate attire, will take care that you have a smooth, elegant, and stylish ride.

Proms/Graduation Parties

Arrange for a truly special night for your student. Dressed in their formal wear, and ready to celebrate, there's no better way for young people to get the most from their prom experience. 

*We can include send-off music with a DJ. We'll ensure that the night is special as we take them to the prom in our fully-appointed vehicles.

After the prom, they may request a relaxed ride to the after-prom party! Either way, our Colt Transport Specialists make sure it's a night they'll cherish!         

*See our #PromPlat package

Executive SUV's

We offer special discounts for corporate accounts. Colt Transport Specialists are highly professional and punctual.  You drive your business while we drive you or your employees.

Our Transport Specialists are well experienced drivers, they could facilitate the environment in the car with the utmost smooth ride and pin drop silence to let you attend the meetings on the go and take care of the business while you are on the ride.


Arrive in style and luxury, tailgate before the show begins. Once the concert is over you don't have to worry about getting out of the crowded parking lot, your Colt Transport Specialist does. 

Hire Colt Black Car Service so you can enjoy your favorite artist and just in case you and your friends have a couple of drinks you won't have to worry about becoming the designated driver for the night.

Birthday Parties

Make your kids or loved ones birthday special! Colt Black Car Service is the perfect party machines for adult, children's birthday parties or transfer to and from restaurants, theme parks, clubs, or other birthday party locations in the area.

Colt Black Car Service will have you singing a NEW birthday song !

Night Out On The Town

Want to have a romantic dinner with your loved ones or friends or family? Planning for a night out in the town with your friends?

After all the enjoyment, do you know what is the most important thing people hate? Driving back home! You don't have to worry about transportation, traffic and driving under influence.

Hire Us!

Colt Black Car Service is a safe and luxurious way to enjoy your night out!

Sporting Events

Whether it is the local game of The Nats at National Stadium, The Redskins at FedEx Field, Capitals at Capital One Arena or local out of area game, Colt Black Car Service will get you there in style.

No matter which game and team you are favorite of, you'll feel like one of your favorite athletes as you pull up to the front of the Stadium in comfort and class.


You just kick back and relax. While you are on the road, let a Colt Transport Specialist take the effort for you. Explore the exquisite natural beauty of Washington, DC, monuments, museums, and surrounding areas with our prestigious vehicles.

Be fresh and energetic when you reach your destination to have more fun and play time with your family & friends.

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